The untold story of patriarchy and matriarchy

The patriarchy and the matriarchy are two complementary areas within the scope of human consciousness and (spiritual) competence and expression. Both are completely natural and - contrary to common belief - they do not mutually exclude each other at all.

This natural bandwidth of consciousness and competence varies from fluid to solid, from concepts to materialization. From unstructured to structured. And vice versa.


Men and women occupy different areas within this range. The competence and therefore influence of men is predominantly present in the lower area.


Women mainly occupy the upper area.


Therefore the upper area (where women dominate) is called the matriarchy and the lower area is called the patriarchy. In modern society however consciousness is suppressed to such an extent that the matriarchy has become invisible.


This reduction of consciousness affected women way more than men because they lost their area of dominance and competence. What was left, is the patriarchy-half where men dominate. Since both men and women cannot collectively see beyond the patriarchy, they consider the patriarchal reality as the only reality. This is where a lot of confusion and envy originates.

Feminists blame men for the patriarchy. The patriarchy however is not an evil plan of men to suppress women. It is the natural area of male competence. Competence may cause envy but should never cause resentment. Men should not be blamed for being competent in a competence-driven society.

Feminism strives for more female power within the patriarchal area. This is unnatural and a recipe for perpetual and insoluble conflict. Patriarchy and matriarchy both hold a power imbalance within their own boundaries. Balance can only be found in raising consciousness to such a level that both patriarchy and matriarchy can exist in unison.


Femininity has been suppressed, causing the matriarchy to disappear. It is ironic that women fiercely fight and struggle to gain positions of power in the patriarchal area, while an entire matriarchal area is waiting for them to be (re)discovered. Many modern women seek validation in the area where it is unfairly hard for them to compete. It takes a higher level of awareness to understand the true meaning of the word "power woman".